The Archers & Bimingham City Council

Like millions of other people, last night I tuned in to the 60th anniversary episode of The Archers. For many years Edgbaston was the home of The Archers when the programme was recorded at Pebble Mill (before the BBC moved to the Mail Box).

Last night marked 60 years of a programme which was “born” in Birmingham Council’s Chamber. The room had been hired for a meeting between farming representatives and the BBC to discuss how farming information programmes could be made more popular. A Lincolnshire farmer famously stood up and said, “What we need is a farming Dick Barton” – and the rest, as they say, is history!

That’s  a fairly well know connection between The Archers and Birmingham City Council. But here’s a lesser known one.  Back on New Year’s Eve 1982, a crew from The Archers visited the maternity hospital in Edgbaston to record a baby’s cries for William Grundy’s birth scene, which took place a few weeks later.

The baby they recorded,  and who appeared in the publicity shots with Clarrie and Eddie Grundy to mark William Grundy’s birth, is now a Birmingham City Councillor. 

All you have to know is which Councillor has just celebrated his 28th birthday – and you’ll be able to work out who it is!

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