New Supermarket In Edgbaston

At the end of December, a planning application for a 4,726 sqm food store and 5 additional retail units, was considered by Birmingham Council’s Planning Committee. The site is at Five Ways, between the Hagley Rd and Harborne Road, and – since the demolition of the old Edgbaston Shopping Centre – it is currently empty.

The site just after demolition

Planning permssion was granted for the store which will be occupied by Morisson’s.

The legal agreements attached to the application will give £60,000 towards enviromental and public realm improvements in the vicinity of the site, and a further £50,000 towards the provision of a Town Centre Manager for Edgbaston – which should help to improve the whole retail offer in the area.

I welcome the addition of Morisson’s to Five Ways. When I first moved to Edgbaston in 1970, Tesco operated on the site. This was before they moved across Five Ways to the Ladywood side of the island. Now, once again, there will be a supermarket on the Edgbaston side.

View of the site when I visited in June 2008

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