Edgbaston Ward – Conservative Hold

On what was not a good night for Conservatives in Birmingham, we in Edgbaston Ward were mightly relieved when Cllr James Hutchings held the seat with the narrowest of margins – 21. But a win is a win, and Edgbaston Ward therefore continues to be represented by three Conservative Councillors.

Because of the fire at Harborne Primary School, we shared the room at Woodview School with the Harborne Count. And there was high drama when one Harborne box (co-incidentally the one I vote in at Moorpool Hall) was over 2 hours late arriving (for a journey that should take 10 minutes maximum at 10 o’ clock at night) and when it turned up was unsealed. I gather two people were arrested. Doubtless we will all hear more about this story in the weeks to come.

Edgbaston's Three Conservative Councillors - James, Deirdre and Fergus

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