New VAS Signs In Wheeleys Rd and Richmond Hill Road

This week the new Vehicle Activated Speed Signs in Wheeleys Rd and Richmond Hill Road have been put in.

The Richmond Hill Road one was installed using money allocated by the 3 Edgbaston Ward Conservative Councillors  (via the Ward Commitee) following a petition from concerned residents last year. Wheeleys Road was similarly seen as a dangerous location with a number of residents complaining about vehicles speeding as they head out of town towards Templefield Square. This sign was also funded by Council Community Chest money allocated by the myself, Cllr Hutchings and Cllr Robinson.

The Wheeleys Road location posed challenges as the line of parked cars for the shops would have affected the ability of the sign to sense speeding cars travelling towards it. However the Transportation Dept have solved the problem by siting the sign on the into town side of the road, but facing towards the out of town traffic. It will therefore flash a warning when people come speeding down the hill from the Wheeleys Rd and St James’s Road junction.

New Vehicle Activated Speed Sign In Wheeleys Road

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