Live Feed From Council Meeting

Yesterday’s Full Council meeting in Birmingham was a first in that live words and pictures from the meeting were broadcast on the internet. If you would like to see a re-run of the meeting, you can access it on

There is an interesting debate on recycling and bin collection about 2 hours in. A number of Labour Councillors argued in favour of wheelie bins, although the economics of wheelie bins invariably mean that they will be accompanied by fortnightly rubbish collections – something Birmingham residents roundly rejected in 2004 when they voted Labour out of office in Birmingham.

I spoke in the debate on the subject of food recycling which is now being introduced in a number of areas of the country. The average family throws away a quarter of a tonne of rubbish a year – enough to fill the boot of your car every month. Quite apart from the benefits of recycling the food waste into compost, recycling our food waste may make people think seriously about exactly how much food they waste.

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