Dental Hospital Plans

A couple of weeks ago I attended an exhibition at the MAC which showed the Dental Hospital’s plans to move to the rear of the Pebble Mill site. Last week, representatives from the Dental Hospital came to the Edgbaston Ward Committee to explain the plans to local people.

The Dental Hospital’s current home in the city centre is 40 years old and in need of refurbishment which would be expensive and cause disruption to services. So the hospital proposes moving to the rear of the Pebble Mill site in Edgbaston. This site has been empty since the BBC moved to the Mailbox.

An application for outline planning permission will shortly be submnitted to BCC. Whilst I welcome the idea of the Dental Hospital relocating to Edgbaston, I do have concerns about parking. Approximately 300 parking spaces are planned but with staff, students and patients around 1,000 visits to the site a day will occur (not all staying all day of course). I don’t want to see parked cars from the hospital clogging up residential roads in the way they do around the QE Hospital. The Ward Committee therefore asked that our concerns on parking be sent to Planning.

If you wish to know more about the proposal or comment on the plans yourself, phone 0121-303-1115 to find out when the application has been submitted – it is scheduled to be submitted before the end of June.

If the application is accepted, detailed planning permission will then be sought from the Council. The aim is to start construction in Summer 2012, with the new Dental Hospital opening its doors in 2014.

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