Test Match Parking & Update On Disturbances

Today the Test Match started in Edgbaston. A good day’s cricket took place (and I am looking forward to going myself later in the week). However I was down around the ground this morning, meeting residents who suffer from anti social parking problems when events such as the Test Match take place.

Motorists Ignoring Cones

The road closures generally worked well, and the extra car parks such  at The Priory School in Sir Harry’s Road, were welcome, though parking on Calthorpe Park was not. As the picture above shows though, some people when they saw cones on a road, simply parked between them.

Meanwhile the troubles escalated in Birmingham last night with the death of three young men in the Dudley Road area. Cllrs Whitby, Tilsley and Bore (the Leaders of the 3 main parties in Birmingham) have issued a joint statement, which I welcome. This includes the condolences of all Cllrs to the families of last night’s victims.






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