Monthly Archives: September 2011

Visit To KEHS

Beautful weather in Edgbaston today (as can be seen from the picture) and a great visit to KEHS this afternoon talking to the girls about democracy, elections and Birmingham City Council. They had lots of interesting questions too. I’m hoping … Continue reading

Opening Of New Wing At Sunrise

Today I attended the opening of a new wing at Sunrise Assisted Living in Church Road, Edgbaston. The new wing will offer dementia care, and it has been named after the nearby church –┬áSt George’s. After a tour round the … Continue reading

Black History Month 2011

Black History month will take place in October and the theme this year is “Africa Calling”. This has been chosen to celebrate the United Nations International Year for the People of African Descent. Harborne Library (which is visited by many … Continue reading

MPs Keeping To Their Own Constituencies

I noticed Gisela Stuart (Edgbaston’s Labour MP) was complaining that Nick Clegg (the Lib Dem, Depity Prime Minister) visited the QE Hospital in Edgbaston Ward without informing her first as Parliamentary protocol suggests he should have. Likewise. MPs invariably don’t … Continue reading

Pedestrian Refuge In Kingscote Road

A pedestrian refuge is being installed in Kingscote Rd at the junction with Harborne Rd to make for safer crossing at that location. There are a number of pedestrians who walk this route as the road is almost opposite the … Continue reading

If We’re Going To Have A Mayor – How About Going The Whole Hog?

If we’re going to have an Elected Mayor (and I say IF, I am not personally a fan but it will be up to the people to decide), but if we do, shouldn’t we go the whole hog and do … Continue reading

Helping Out In Harborne

Thanks to all the Edgbaston helpers who helped out with a massive Conservative campaign operation in Harborne today. Huge effort across the whole ward with a well earned midday break in the Old House At Home!