Housing In Birmingham Is STILL A Two Star Service

Despite press reports to the contrary, Birmingham Council’s Housing Dept has NOT been downgraded from Two Stars to One Star.

Bach in 2004, when the Conservative led Council took over from Labour, the Housing Dept was in special measures and under supervision. This followed on from the former Edgbaston Labour Councillor’s disastrous (and expensive) failed attempt to completely offload Birmingham’s Council Housing.

Since then there has been a massive turn around of the Housing Dept under the Conservative administration. In 2009 the Strategic Housing Service secured Two Stars – both of which we retain.

In March 2010, the Housing Dept was inspected for its Landlord Services. This was the first time Landlord Services had been inspected and they were awarded One Star with “promising prospects for improvement”.

Whilst we were disappointed to only receive One Star for this service, it is in line with 70% of other published scores for Councils who have retained their housing stock. Indeed, since 2002/3 only 2 relatively small local authority landlords have achieved a higher rating that One Star for the inspection of their Landlord Services in the whole country.

Meanwhile, our Strategic Housing Service STILL retains its Two Star status. The Conservatives are continuing to improve Housing in Birmingham, as we have done year on year since taking over control  in 2004. The new windows currently being installed in the blocks on the Priory Estate are evidence of the Conservative Council’s latest investment to the housing stock in Edgbaston Ward.

It is all (thankfully) a far cry from Labour appalling record on housing in Birmingham.

New Windows Are Being Installed In Edgbaston

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