MPs Keeping To Their Own Constituencies

I noticed Gisela Stuart (Edgbaston’s Labour MP) was complaining that Nick Clegg (the Lib Dem, Depity Prime Minister) visited the QE Hospital in Edgbaston Ward without informing her first as Parliamentary protocol suggests he should have. Likewise. MPs invariably don’t get involved in issues and problems from other MPs’ constituencies.

I wonder therefore how she feels about Jack Dromey being on local radio this lunch time, comenting on a matter concerning Quinton Police Station which is nowhere near his Erdington Constituency.

Ms Stuart has nothing to fear from Mr Clegg. He isn’t going to be interested in contesting her constituency in the future. However who knows what Mr Dromey’s future plans are, now that – under the proposed boundary changes –  his Erdington seat has a notional Conservative majority.

UPDATE: Have just heard Conservative Councillor for Quinton, Peter Smallbone’s excellent interview on the Adrian Goldberg Show about this matter.

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