New Pool Arrangements

The days are counting down now to when the constituency’s wonderful new swimming pool, built by the Conservative led Council in Lordswood Road Harborne, opens for business on January 3rd.

The constituency's brand new swimming pool

The pool will be run by D. C. Leisure Management who will establish a Partnership Board with not for profit status. The Council’s contract with them ensures all the Council’s operational requirements (such as opening hours, Be Active and Passport To Leisure schemes) will apply, and all fees and charges they make have to be approved by the Council.

The new operator will be responsible for day to day maintenance but, in a new move, long term funding for major items such as the replacement of plant is also being catered for – by the Council and the operator making payments into a fund especially for the purpose. This should ensure that we never again have the situation which we had when Labour ran Birmingham in the 1990s – when they did NOT maintain buildings such as our swimming pools properly and they all fell into disrepair. This is why the Monument Rd swimming pool closed under Labour, and it is why the Harborne Pool was already deemed to be not fit for purpose when the Conservatives took control in June 2004.

It was Labour who let Harborne’s old pool run down, and it is the Conservative led Council which has rebuilt it. And what a fabulous facility it is! I’m sure it will be very busy on January 3rd!


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