Official Opening For The New Swimming Pool

Today the constituency’s new swimming pool and gym in Harborne, was officially opened by the Leader of the Council. It was a great moment for all of us who campaigned so hard to get the new pool and it was fanfastic to see so many people using the facilities early on a Saturday morning.

The pool, which is being run by DC Leisure, is clearly hugely popular. There was an assumption by some people that because DC Leisure was a private company, it must be more expensive to use the new Harborne pool than other Council pools – and they complained about this before checking whether or not it actually WAS dearer, which was rather foolish of them.

In fact it is not. The gym is the same price as all the other Council gyms and it is actually 20p CHEAPER to swim at Harborne than at several other Council owned swimming pools (the larger leisurer centres).

So good news all round. And not surprising that, judging by today, people are flocking to use the fantastic new facilities.

Harborne's New Pool Is Officially Opened!



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