Meeting The Rotary Club In Edgbaston

Two different Rotary Clubs meet in Edgbaston – the Edgbaston Rotary Club, and the Edgbaston Convention Rotary Club. I’ve spoken at both during the years I’ve been an Edgbaston Councillor, but tonight I was speaking at the latter, which meets at the Portland Hotel on a Monday night.

I talked about the Council, the proposed boundary changes for Edgbaston, and the possibility of an elected mayor. There were lots of questions and we had a lively discussion.

During the meal, I was reminded that the last time I visited (in 2008) I posted a picture of the event on my blog, which was also used on the Rotary website. Annoyingly I forgot to take my camera this evening, so we couldn’t redo the picture, so I am posting the previous one again instead!

Edgbaston Convention Rotary Club 2008

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