New Community Centre At Woodview

This week, Cllr Hutchings and I visited the consultation exhibition at Woodview Community Centre – where plans were on show for the new Community Centre.

When I first became an Edgbaston Councillor in 1999, the Woodview Community Association operated out of an old house in Spring Road. It was cramped, and had various problems which made it very unsuitable for the task.

Cllr Hutchings and I worked hard to negotiate a move into part of the old Lee Bank school. With all the demolition at that time, the school numbers were falling and the school didn’t need separate Junior and Infants Schools. The whole school moved into the old Infants building and was renamed Woodview.

Meanwhile, the old Junior School hall, kitchen and associated rooms became the Community Centre. It’s a good size, and the arrangement has worked well. But it was always going to have to be temporary as with all the rebuilding, the estate has now expanded again, and the school needs to grow.

I am delighted however that agreement between the Council and Optima has been reached to build a new Community Centre beside the Pocket Park, with changing rooms which can also be accessed separately by the school. The plans were on show this week and it looks a very impressive building. The time table is quick too, and it is hoped (subject to planning permission) that the new building will open next year.Looking At The New Plans At Woodview

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