Smart City Labour Cabinet Member Not Quite So Smart

Tuesday’s Full Council meeting in Birmingham saw several new Labour Councillors make maiden speeches. Cllr Mariam Khan (Washwood Heath) was definitely the best Labour speaker. As a Conservative, I did not agree with everything she said – but she said it very well.

Not nearly such a good day for the new Labour Cabinet Member for a “Green, Safe and Smart City” Cllr James McKay who is a Labour Councillor in Harborne. Asked a question by Conservative Cllr Tim Huxtable at Question Time, he not only didn’t know the answer, he appeared not to understand the question.

The meeting was due to end with him proposing a motion supporting World Day Against Child Labour. However is reporting today that the Labour Group themselves deliberately talked out Cllr McKay’s motion when “some better informed Labour Councillors” pointed out at their Group Meeting that the wording of Cllr McKay’s motion could have meant the City committing itself to not trading with some rather important nations with links to Birmingham including India. Not a smart move from the person who’s supposed to be making us a smart city!

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