Cleaning Robert Peel’s Statue

A statue of Robert Peel (1788-1850) – the former Conservative Prime Minister and founder of the modern police force (officers  are still known as Bobbies to this day in his honour) – is situated on the Pershore Rd, outside the Tally Ho! police training centre in Edgbaston.

However it was looking rather a mess, and earlier this year, a resident asked me if the statue could be cleaned in honour of the Jubilee. Permission was sought from the police, and yesterday local Council officers set to work to clean off some of the grime as part of a team-building exercise.

The result is a vast improvement, and Cllr James Hutchings, the resident who requested the work,  and I were delighted with the result when we turned up to thank the officers for their efforts.

In front of the newly cleaned statue of Robert Peel.

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