Monthly Archives: September 2012

Hagley Road VIllage Show Flat Opens

Back in January 2010, I blogged about the launch of the plans for the Hagley Road Village (pictured) – a joint arrangement between Birmingham City Council, the Extra Care Charitable Trust and the Homes & Communities Agency to provide a £40 … Continue reading

Two AGMs

The last three days have seen two resident groups’ AGMs taking place in Edgbaston. First off the was Rotton Park Action Group, whose AGM on Wednesday evening, held at the Servol Building on the Dudley Road, I attended. It’s 15 … Continue reading

Jumping To Conclusions

In the aftermath of the Andrew Mitchell incident last week, I have heard on the radio and seen on Twitter people making the ridiculous assumption that all Conservatives look down on people and that if a Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner is … Continue reading

Labour Back-Track On HLB Closures

Great news today that Birmingham’s Labour Council is starting to back-track on their controversial plans to scrap HLBs and the City Board. The plans, put forward in a document published this summer, with an introduction by the Council Leader Sir … Continue reading

Edgbaston Ward Committee

The Edgbaston Ward Commitee will be taking place at 7.00pm tonight, at the Church of the Redeeemer, off Monument Rd, Edgbaston. All Edgbaston Ward residents are welcome to attend. The meeting will be chaired by Cllr Fergus Robinson.

Edgbaston’s Tenant Engagement Consultation Meeting

This morning the long awaited Edgbaston Tenant Engagement Consultation meeting took place in Quinton for members of the constituency’s four Housing Liaison Boards. With no Labour Cllrs attending the two other constituency’s meetings that I know about, I was interested to … Continue reading

Conservative Party Part Of Team Birmingham Visit To Westminster

Cllr Randal Brew (Northfield) represented the Conservative Party at a “Team Birmingham” meeting with Prime Minister David Cameron in his office at the Houses of Parliament yesterday. Councillors from each of the 3 main parties, and business  leaders, met with the … Continue reading