Updating The Fleet & Waste Management Customer Charter

Six months on from the Labour administration taking over, no-one had bothered to update the Fleet and Waste Management Customer Charter on the Birmingham Council website – which still had a welcome from the former Conservative Cabinet Member in charge of this service, Cllr Timothy Huxtable, at the front. This seemed pretty sloppy – I cannot imagine, for example, Sir Albert allowing things to be published which still named Cllr Mike Whitby as the Leader.

Someone had raised it with me, so I in turn raised it with the current Cabinet Member at Full Council yesterday – at approximately 2.30pm.

I’m told (by the person who told me about it in the first place) that the charter had been altered by 3.30pm! Nice to know that a complaint from me achieved in one hour what the Labour Cabinet Member hadn’t managed to do in six months.


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