Privatisation Of Refuse Service Still On The Cards

This morning I popped into Committee Room 6 to listen to part of the Call In on wheelie bins. Sadly the 8 Labour Councillors present did not accept the Call In so the Cabinet decision stands. Birmingham’s Labour Councillors will be introducing wheelie bins whether Birmingham people like them or not (and the overwhelming evidence from surveys such as Cllr Jon Hunt’s is that they DON’T like them).

I’ll be blogging more over the weekend about some of the very interesting comments made at this morning’s meeting, but first just a comment about privatisation of the refuse service.

I broke the news on this website that Labour had slipped into the wheelie bin cabinet report a paragraph about looking for a “partner” to deliver household waste, trade waste and street cleansing services.

Since then it has been said by Labour that this was wrong, it was simply a case of market testing to prove the Council was the most efficient deliverer of the service, and privatisation was not going to happen.

Oh really? So why in that case did the Cabinet Member Cllr McKay say today when questioned about privatisation, and I quote “We’ve not made a decision.”

Presumably that means it IS still on the cards. As I always thought it was.




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