Monthly Archives: January 2013

Slight Exaggeration On Twitter!

An excited Birmingham Labour Councillor tweeted yesterday that “members of the public are walking into the Council House asking for copies” of his Scrutiny report. It sounded like there were loads of them. Knowing how tight money is currently at … Continue reading

New Street Station Tour

Yesterday Cllr Robert Alden, Cllr Randal Brew and I were shown around the New Street Station redevelopment site by Network Rail. The work to renew New Street Station is taking place while the station remains operational. It is therefore being … Continue reading

Labour Running Scared On Consultation!

The proposed consultation on wheelie bins was discussed at Scrutiny last week, and from what I understand, it’s looking like the consultation which is trying its best NOT to consult! The refuse service is a service which CAN and DOES deliver … Continue reading

A Tale Of Two Questionnaires

As I blogged at the weekend, Edgbaston Ward Conservatives are currently delivering a wheelie bin survey to houses in the ward (flats have alternative rubbish collection systems). Our questionnaire asks questions such as “Do you agree with the City Council’s … Continue reading

Edgbaston District Meeting

The Edgbaston District Committee meeting took place this morning, with several residents coming along to hear what was said. There was an update on the HLB situation (covered here in a previous post), a report from Regulatory Services – supposed … Continue reading

Wheelie Bin Saga

This week seems to have been dominated by the ongoing wheelie bin saga (unsurprisingly). At Tuesday’s Full Council meeting I asked the Cabinet Member why, if the idea of privatisation of the rubbish collection service had only been included in … Continue reading