Wheelie Bin Saga

This week seems to have been dominated by the ongoing wheelie bin saga (unsurprisingly).

At Tuesday’s Full Council meeting I asked the Cabinet Member why, if the idea of privatisation of the rubbish collection service had only been included in the bid for the purposes of market testing, they had included street cleansing too. I think the fact it was speaks volumes.

He shook his head at the very idea the rubbish service might be privatised, but when (because he was shaking his head) I asked him to stand up and categorically deny it then – of course he didn’t.

On Wednesday I attended a meeting in Edgbaston where the subject of wheelie bins was raised. Not one resident in the room was in favour.

And today we started delivery of Edgbaston Ward’s latest leaflet which asks residents the question Labour are afraid to ask – namely do you agree with the Council’s plans to introduce wheelie bins?

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