Edgbaston District Meeting

The Edgbaston District Committee meeting took place this morning, with several residents coming along to hear what was said.

There was an update on the HLB situation (covered here in a previous post), a report from Regulatory Services – supposed devolved to the Districts – but laughably without any budget or staff in our control. So not really devolved at all. It does however mean the highly paid officer in charge of the service now has to go along to 10 District Meetings to report (which she did not have to do before) which seems a ridiculous waste of money to me in the current economic climate.

There was also a report from Amey about a consultation they are carrying out with Councillors – except that when it comes to it, it seems there are criteria which apparently must be followed in deciding which roads are resurfaced, and Councillors can put forward a road for repair again, and again, and again  and it still doesn’t get done. Highfield Road in Edgbaston is a classic example which Cllr James Hutchings and I have reported endlessly, and for well over a year – and it is still in a dreadful state. I have been told that because only part of Highfield Road (between Harborne Road and the church) needs repair, and the other part of the road (between Harborne Road and Hagley Road) is fine, the relatively low per centage of the road (overall) which is damaged, means the road doesn’t meet the criteria for repair.  This despite the fact that the bit which does need repair, needs it badly.  Crazy or what?

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