Labour Making Policy On The Hoof?

I read today’s article about the wheelie bin roll out on The Chamberlain Files with great interest!

You do get the impression that in a desperate bid to shore up the ruling Labour Group’s position, policy is being made on the hoof and without being properly thought out – and so the situation becomes more shambolic by the minute. Take this example:

There are roads in Edgbaston, and in the pilot ward of Harborne, which have some houses on the flat which would be deemed suitable for wheelie bins, but which have other houses with a lot of steps between door and pavement which would presumably not be deemed suitable for wheelie bins. (eg: Woodleigh Avenue and Fellows Lane in Harborne and Kingscote Road and Jacey Road in Edgbaston to mention just a few).

I’ve been wanting to know for some time what would happen in these roads. Will all the properties be out of the wheelie bin scheme? Will all of the properties be in the wheelie bin scheme? Or will some be out and some be in (depending on the individual propoerties).

It sounds from the article on The Chamberlain Files as if the answer is that some will be out and some will be in. That means duplication – two wagons and two crews coming to each of these roads, (of which there must be hundreds in the city) which will be expensive but possible.

However, since a person is going to be expected to buy their own black bags anyway now, what is to stop someone who lives in a house (on one of those roads or even on a neighbouring road) which IS deemed suitable for wheelie bins, deciding that actually they don’t want the wheelie bins and they will continue with buying their own black bags and they will just put them out alongside the bags of their neighbours who ARE allowed to keep a black bag system? One supermaket black sack looks like much another! How are the refuse operators to know whose is whose when faced with a pile on the verge or pavement?

Suddenly the city could find they have rather more people who have opted out than they bargained for!

It seems to me the only way to stop that is for BCC to go back to supplying black bags with Birmingham City Council stamped on them, so that only those people who have the official bags would get them collected. But of course they have now advertised that they are NOT supplying bags any more, and they haven’t included any money in their budget for them…

Are we going to get a U-turn?

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