Labour Council In Turmoil Over Edgbaston County Ground

030Goodness knows what’s going on at Birmingham City Council regarding the County Ground in Edgbaston (home of Warwickshire County Cricket Club).

The Birmingham Mail are running a story on the internet that the ground was set to be renamed the City Of Birmingham Edgbaston Stadium, and the Warwickshire Bears renamed the Birmingham Bears in a sponsorship deal with Birmingham City Council which would see free match tickets given to local schools, cricket clubs etc. Senior Labour Councillor Mahmood is quoted as welcoming the deal.

The story appears to have originated from an item due to go to Cabinet next week. Then  a few hours later – suddenly the report was pulled from the Council website (however not before  somone I know had already printed it off!) and a statement was put out by the Council press office that BCC is NOT going to sponsor the Cricket Club. (This is presumably rather embarrassing for Cllr Mahmood whose tweets certainly suggested it was going to happen.)  If the proposal has already been rejected out of hand, why on earth did they publish a lengthy report on the website?

What’s going on? I have no idea – because despite the ground being in my ward, sadly no-one from the Labour run Council has seen fit to consult with the local Edgbaston Councillors on the matter.

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