Labour Fiasco Over Edgbaston Cricket Ground – Part 2

I gather tonight that the Council and Cricket Club have issued a joint statement that the Council will NOT be entering into a sponsorship deal which would have seen the famous Edgbaston ground’s name changed to the City Of Birmingham Edgbaston Stadium and the Warwickshire Bears become the Birmingham Bears.

This will come as a great relief to the many people who were furious at the idea of the name changes, and those who were angry that the Council was considering spending money on sponsorship at such a difficult economic time.

Birmingham’s Labour administration looks in complete disarray over the matter – with Cllr Mahmood apparently wanting to discuss it at his Scrutiny Committee and tweeting about what he saw as the benefits, while it seems the people actually running the Labour Group had already decided it was not going to happen. So much for Labour Councillors who boasted that Scrutiny now sets policy! It clearly doesn’t. (Anyway, it was always a stupid idea as it would create a massive conflict of interest. How can a commitee adequately scrutinise a policy which they themselves have made? Which of course is why Scrutiny should NOT be setting policy. It has a completely different role.)

Meanwhile the speed with which the report was whipped off the Council website shows more than anything a Labour administration where the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. Farcical!





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