They “wheelie” knew all along!

Every time I’ve asked, or heard someone else ask, if – when wheeie bins come in – the Council will collect anything that is left beside them (side waste), the answer has been that the Council is currently in the middle of a consultation and so hasn’t decided yet.

However it seems that at least some part of this HAS been decided, because today (living in the pilot ward of Harborne) I got my leaflet telling me all about “new ways to collect recycling and rubbish” – and it gives me part of the answer. This leaflet must have been written and printed several weeks ago so decisions must have been made at that time.

The leaflet tells me that if I have a lot of recycling, I can have TWO recycling wheelie bins (that would mean a total of 4 wheelie bins for any property which opts for the green one too  – how many people will have room for that?). But it adds that “large amounts of cardboard, properly bundled, can be presented for collection at the side of the wheelie bin”. There’s no mention that excess paper or excess bottles can be left beside the wheelie bin for collection – just cardboard. I would presume from that, that they are saying other things can’t be left beside the bin (else why just mention cardboard?)

However when we get to the black sack wheelie bin, there is no mention that extra left beside the bin will be collected at all.  (It doesn’t say it won’t, but it doesn’t say it will, but again, as cardboard is specifically mentioned, one would presume that if there is no mention of any extra black bag rubbish being collected, it’s because it won’t be.)

Probably the most laughable thing about the leaflet however is the assertion that I (the reader) should fill in the consultation because (and I quote) “Your views matter”. I happen to know from the wheelie bin survey the Conservative Councillors carried out in Edgbaston Ward that around 80% of my constituents are against the proposals and do not want wheelie bins. Do their views matter? It seems not. Because the leaflet also states that “Work is currenty taking place to buy the wheelie bins and vehicles”.

The Labour Council cannot pretend on the one hand that people’s views matters, while on other hand ignoring the huge opposition there is to this and going ahead and buying the kit regardless – before the consultation has even finished!

Of course politicians can ignore what 80% of their electorate want if they like……but they do so at their peril! Hopefully Labour will discover that to their cost.

April 6

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