Stop Press! Wheelie Bin Pilot Takes In Small Part Of Edgbaston

I’ve just been informed tonight that the wheelie bin pilot scheme (due to be rolled out in May or June) will take in a small part of Edgbaston Ward – namely Metchley Lane. One side of this road is in Harborne, and one side is in Edgbaston. Both sides will be included in the pilot.

This is bad news for those Edgbaston residents (the vast majority of them) who don’t want wheelie bins, but it is also interesting because the houses on the Edgbaston side of Metchley Lane include some which will doubtless be considered suitable for wheelie bins, and others with steps which I don’t think are suitable. So it will be interesting to see how this dilemma will be dealt with. It could be two rubbish wagons (with all the associated costs that brings) for this road (as in lots of roads of Birmingham). We’ll see.

Meanwhile I have had my first complaint from a constituent who has found out she will no longer be given black bags. She had rung the depot to ask when the next roll of bags would be delivered, and was furious to be told she won’t be getting them any more. I explained it was Labour who had made this decision, as I shall explain to everyone who complains to me – because it’s true.

The Post yesterday reported how Cllr McKay had countered my complaints about micro-chips in wheelie bins, by saying the Tory-led Council had put micro chips in recycling boxes in a pilot scheme in Erdington last year. This might have been a good argument – if it were true. However as far as I am aware, it is NOT true. According to the Erdington Councillors, that scheme was done using bar codes.

And finally I see Longbridge Councillors are excitedly tweeting today that they have been assured at their District Meeting that there will be no cap on recycling. The Council leaflet clearly says that cardboard can be left as side waste – but does NOT mention that anything else can (ie. paper or bottles and cans). Technically though, it is true that you can leave out as much recycling as you like – BUT you have to apply for a second recycling bin in order to do it.  I cannot imagine who is going to want FOUR wheelie bins! (A black bag one, a green waste one and TWO recycling ones?).

It’s not clear whether this is what was being referred to at the Northfield District Meeting, or if policy is being made on the hoof again (Labour seem to be making a habit of that!) and the situation has changed between Monday (when this point was raised at the Edgbaston meeting) and today (when it was raised at Northfield).

To sum up – a Harborne pilot which includes part of Edgbaston (and Soho as well), no black bags (and residents not informed of this until they ring up to enquire where the bags are), conflicting information on side waste, and a Cabinet Member who doesn’t seem to know how a recent pilot recycling scheme was run. Looks like a typical Labour shambles to me!

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