Edgbaston Police Station To Close ?

During the Police Commissioner elections last autumn, Conservative candidate Matt Bennett ran on a ticket of not closing local police stations. Labour sadly seem to have other ideas.

I was shocked to be sent a link from a constituent a few minutes ago, to a BBC news story from an hour ago which states that Labour’s Police Commissioner has unveiled plans at a news briefing at Lloyd House to close three Birmingham police stations – Steelhouse Lane, Aston and Edgbaston.

The BBC story says that Lloyd House (currently offices) will become the new city centre police station.

I presume the Edgbaston closure refers to Edgbaston Police Station rather than the police training centre at Tally Ho! However no-one has spoken to local Councillors about this, so I am not 100% sure.

But if it is true that our Police Station is to close, frankly I’m disgusted that a Labour Police Commissioner who is not from Birmingham has apparently wielded the axe in this way, without any consultation with local Councillors on the ground in Edgbaston.

The article states that the stations won’t close for 2-3 years until consultation about future provision has been carried out.

So first they announce the closures are going to happen, and then they carry out the consultation? Doesn’t that seem a backwards way of going about things? The Labour police commissioner has recently appointed several paid deputies to work with him, nearly all of them Labour Councillors, but if this story is true, then he apparently can’t find the money to keep our local police station open.


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