Woodview Residents’ Meeting

The regular monthly Woodview Residents’ meeting was held (unusually) on a Tuesday this month – to allow the Labour Cabinet Member to answer questions on wheelie bins (he couldn’t come last Thursday). The invitation came about after residents raised a number of complaints about the introduction of wheelie bins at a previous meeting held in February.

A number of complaints were raised by residents tonight – about the difficulty of moving wheelie bins, lack of space to store them, the charging for green waste, and the stopping of delivery of black and green sacks.

I was interested to hear one resident say that when the Councillors’ wheelie bin survey had come round, some of her neighbours had said they would be in favour of them – but she felt sure they would change their minds once they realised they had to pay for a green garden waste bin (which she was intending to go home and tell them). Our survey had a response rate of over 80% against wheelie bins, so it’s interesting to hear a resident say that some of those few who said “yes” initially might now be changing their minds.

After the wheelie bin discussion, the subject of the closure of Edgbaston Police Station (recently announced by the Labour Police & Crime Commissioner) was discussed and residents were rightly angry about it.

With the introduction of wheelie bins and the announcement of the closure of Edgbaston’s Police Station, it seems Labour politicians are currently making a number of decisions which are unpopular with local residents.

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