Car Club Launches In Birmingham

It was a case of deja vu when I saw that a pilot scheme of a new car share club is due to be launched in Birmingham on May 8th – well almost deja vu, anyway!

A similar scheme operated by Whizzgo was launched several years ago – I blogged about it on December 1st 2008. That scheme operated with various points where cars could be picked up and dropped off from – and one was at the Botanical Gardens in Edgbaston (see picture below).

The Botanical Gardens drop off point ceased some time ago, and the new scheme is different in that the cars borrowed do not have to be dropped back at a designated location.

Instead customers pay by the minute for the time they drive the vehicle and don’t need to end their journey at the same location as they started.

The new scheme is run by Car2go. Users have to register and pay a joining fee. The pilot scheme will last for 12 months and will involve 250 vehicles being deployed in the city. Initially not everywhere in the city will be covered by the scheme but Edgbaston is included. For more information visit

Nov 2008 125

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