Edgbaston HLB

Tonight I attended the May meeting of the Edgbaston Housing Liaison Board.

At the meeting, I saw the minutes from the City HLB meeting which had received the same wheelie bin presentation as was made to the District Committees. According to those minutes, a number of people at the City Board meeting raised concerns about the introduction of wheelie bins – on such matters as how would elderly people cope, where would the bins be stored in sheltered housing schemes, what would happen on alleycat routes, would residents be charged for lost or damaged bins, and the fact the City Council was railroading the scheme through, etc.

Members of the City Board were also asked to discuss the wheelie bins at their local HLBs, and feed back, and therefore this matter was discussed at Edgbaston tonight under AOB.

A number of concerns were expressed with the feeling of the meeting being that people would prefer to stay with the current black bag and recycling box system than move to wheelie bins.

Meanwhile, at the Lifford Lane household recycling centre (tip) this morning, the queue to leave rubbish was back to the Pershore Rd and it took half an hour to reach the centre to dispose of items. Possibly the lack of special bulky waste collections (withdrawn by Labour) is beginning to have an effect. In which case, just imagine what it will be like next year when many people will doubtless opt out of paying for a green bin and drive their garden waste to the tip instead. Having all those vehicles waiting in a queue, burning petrol,  is not exactly good for the environment.

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