Woodview Wheelie Bin Discussion – Part Two

Tonight’s monthly meeting of the Woodview Residents’ Association in Edgbaston carried on the wheelie bin discussion which took place last month when Labour’s Cllr McKay attended.

Tonight’s discussion was prompted by a resident who wasn’t there last month, asking me if it was true there would be a £35 charge for green waste in future. I replied it was true that the Labour Council was introducing this, but that Edgbaston’s three Conservative Councillors were completely against it.

There then followed another discussion on waste disposal – with residents against the charge for green waste, against the ending of delivery of black and green bags, and against the introduction of wheelie bins. Not a single resident thought any of it was a good idea – and neither do I. Interestingly, the Labour representative who attends the meeting kept  quiet and didn’t say a word on the subject tonight!




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