Black Bags Or Swimming Pools?

My written question, & Cllr Robert Alden’s written question, to Full Council yesterday revealed that so far £29,206 has been spent by Birmingham publicising the introduction of wheelie bins in the city. Three companies have been hired to help arrange this publicity – Service Birmingham, Dyson Media Ltd, & Amey PLC.

Hot on the heels of this information, the Birmingham Mail today published an article with the arguments for and against wheelie bins – put by the Cabinet Member Cllr James McKay and me, as his Shadow.

It’s well known of course that the Labour administration has stopped the distribution of black bags for household waste – leaving 38 wards in the city (not the pilot wheelie bin wards) still on a black bag system – but with no black bags provided. Cllr McKay is quoted in the article as saying “If you want bin bags, show me the libraries and swimming pools you would close to fund them.”

In my opinion he really is going to have stop using this argument now that the Labour leader of Birmingham City Council (his boss)  announced last week that those leisure centres which couldn’t be rebranded as well-being centres, and couldn’t attract a private sector partnership, or be part of a community asset transfer, would be moth-balled or closed. (See previous post.)

It clearly ISN’T a case of losing your bin bags but keeping your leisure centres. Under Labour, Brummies in at last some parts of the city now face losing both.

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