Monthly Archives: July 2013

Assisted Collections Letter

As I blogged previously, the number of people requesting an assisted collection (where the Council removes the rubbish from the front of the property rather than from the kerbside) has increased dramatically in the pilot wards where wheelie bins were … Continue reading

No Tax Payers’ Money Was Used In Taking These Pictures!

One of the main reasons for having wheelie bins, we were told, is that they would make the streets cleaner. The Council has employed a media consultancy firm in connection with the wheelie bin roll out, and I have been … Continue reading

Companies Who Clean Your Wheelie Bin

In common I’m sure with others who live in the wheelie bin pilot areas, we have today had a leaflet advertising a wheelie bin cleaning service. The company will come on bin day and clean your wheelie bin at a … Continue reading

Extra Street Cleansing

The amount of street cleansing in Birmingham has been cut, so I and some other Harborne residents have been very surprised to suddenly see a great increase in the street cleansing being carried out in Harborne Ward. In the past … Continue reading

Assisted Collections

The number of assisted collections (where the crew come on to the front of a person’s property to move the bags/bin of a person who cannot manage to do it themselves)  in Brandwood Ward has risen from 58 in before the introduction … Continue reading

Labour Cave In

As soon as I saw the paper pod in the recycling wheelie bin, I knew it was too small for my needs (we usually put out a couple of boxes of paper every fortnight).  But the message from the Labour … Continue reading

Car2Go Car Parked Carelessly

A few weeks ago I blogged about the launch of the Car2Go scheme in Birmingham – where people join a car club and use the company’s cars for short journeys around the city, leaving it at their destination for someone … Continue reading