Car2Go Car Parked Carelessly

A few weeks ago I blogged about the launch of the Car2Go scheme in Birmingham – where people join a car club and use the company’s cars for short journeys around the city, leaving it at their destination for someone else to hire and drive away (rather like the Boris Bikes in London).

I understand the company started by scattering the cars around the city, and now they are being used and parked by customers.

Unfortunately they are not always being parked with care. This morning I saw two cars parked in Richmond Hill Rd, Edgbaston – right opposite each other, one on one side of the road, and one on the other. This narrows the carriageway, and I wouldn’t consider it the most sensible way to park when there are other spaces available, but it is not of course illegal.

However another one has apparently been parked illegally in Augustus Rd, Edgbaston for at least two days now. I’m told it’s been given a parking ticket, and I understand the Traffic Warden was intending to contact the company and ask them to remove the vehicle.

I wonder who pays the fine in such circumstances.



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