Extra Street Cleansing

The amount of street cleansing in Birmingham has been cut, so I and some other Harborne residents have been very surprised to suddenly see a great increase in the street cleansing being carried out in Harborne Ward.

In the past week or so I have seen the lot – litter pickers, small street cleaning vehicles, large street cleaning vehicles all over the ward, doing the same road more than once. Far, far more frequently than normal. Someone who lives on the opposite side of the ward said they’d seen exactly the same. Like me thing, they weren’t looking for it, but there was just so much of it, you couldn’t help but notice.

This seems odd. If wheelie bins are supposed to result in cleaner streets, why do we in Harborne need MORE street cleansing since they were introduced here? Shouldn’t we require less?

Then on Wednesday I visited Willmott Dixon (the Council’s Housing Repair Service) in Kings Heath. Driving along, I entered Brandwood ward (the other wheelie bin pilot ward alongside Harborne) and almost immediately I saw a Council operative litter picking and a street cleansing vehicle busily sweeping. I hadn’t even thought about the fact that I was entering Brandwood until I saw that! Then I realised exactly where I was!

When 38 wards still have black bags, and only 2 have wheelie bins which are supposed to lead to cleaner streets, I would expect to see less street cleansing in the pilot areas than anywhere else. The fact I am noticeable seeing more (and others have commented too) is very strange. Or is it?

I was told some weeks ago that one of the media companies being employed by the Council is going to be taking “before” and “after” pictures of the areas, presumably to show the streets are cleaner now. That couldn’t have anything to do with the sudden influx of street cleansing vehicles in Harborne, could it?


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