Police Meeting & Wheelie Bin Pilot Results

I attended a lively police PACT meeting at the Clarendon Suites tonight. The Councillors and a number of residents were there to ask questions about the domehawk camera which the police recently removed from Wyndham Road, and a crime which took place recently in Monument Road, amongst other local issues.

Meanwhile the Labour Council has today invited the press in to hear about the results of the wheelie bin pilot schemes – and embargoed the information given to them until 6.00pm tomorrow night when they are going to publish it on line.

What kind of an organisation releases information at 6.00pm on a Friday evening? One which hopes not to attract too much scrutiny I suspect!

Needless to say the information hasn’t been shared with opposition Councillors, so I don’t know what it contains. But I fully expect them to spin it as a wonderful success story. And yet all around Harborne people are complaining about various aspects of the wheelie bin pilot – the unsightliness of rows of wheelie bins in front gardens, wheelie bins left on pavements, the fact that the amount of waste and recycling which can be put out is now limited, the fact the paper pod is too small, the fact people are fly tipping excess black bags, etc.

It’s supposed to lead to cleaner streets. But, as the picture below (taken this week) shows, this is not always the case.




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