Two Consultations With Differing Results

As the wheelie bin report goes to Cabinet today, there is a timely article in today’s Birmingham Mail, pointing out just how much more comprehensive the Conservative’s survey on wheelie bins was, than the Council one.

In common with a number of other wards, the Conservatives in Edgbaston delivered wheelie bin survey leaflets to residents in the spring.

Across the city, over 17,000 of our Conservative surveys were returned, with more than 13,000 of respondents saying they were against wheelie bins.

The Council’s first survey didn’t even ask whether people wanted wheelie bins or not (perhaps they were afraid of the answer!) but through reading the comments people made (see today’s Cabinet report) it is possible to see that, even without being asked, 61% of people said they were against wheelie bins. 60% of the people’s panel were also against.

Clearly the Labour Council didn’t want to shout about those figures, so instead they have shouted about a tiny survey of 248 people in the pilot wards which produced a figure of  91% in favour (this was of course before the final wheelie bin – the green one which people have to pay for – has been introduced).

They can say 91% of people want wheelie bins as much as they like, but in truth it was a tiny survey which is dwarfed by the survey carried out by Birmingham Conservatives. Typical Labour spin!

As the Labour Cabinet will make clear today, they are choosing to ignore people’s views by carrying on with the roll out of wheelie bins anyway – which is typical Labour arrogance. And as for the argument that wheelie bins make cleaner streets – oh really? I don’t think the people who live in the Harborne street below would necessarily agree. The bin men don’t take side waste once residents are on the wheelie bin scheme, but as this picture shows, that doesn’t stop people putting it out.




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