Petition Re: Wheeleys Rd & St James Rd

At yesterday’s Full Council meeting Cllr Fergus Robinson handed in a petition collected by the Edgbaston Councillors. It refers to the junction of Wheeleys Rd and St James Rd.

Firstly the petition is asking the Transportation to look at the junction, in the light of the recent fatal accident there, and carry out any safety improvements they deem to be necessary.

Secondly – the Council is consulting this month on a 20 mph speed limit for 9 out of 10 roads in the city. If this is brought in, it is my understanding that it will not be brought in everywhere at the same time. So the petition asks that if it is brought in, these two roads are in the first batch of roads to be made 20 mph.

20 mph limits are all very well, but of course people can break them. It will need enforcement action to make it work. But hopefully the additional signage around any 20 mph area would also act as a reminder and a deterrent to motorists.

I will update the blog when there is any news on the feedback to the petition. Meanwhile thank you to the many residents who signed it.


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