BCC Service Review Green Paper

The Birmingham City Council Service Review Green Paper on Safe, Clean and Green Neighbourhoods was published yesterday.

Amongst the suggestions is that the “market testing” of the refuse service (i.e. finding out what it would cost and what savings could be made, if the service was privatised ) should be brought forward.

Labour were always going to do market testing, the document states that the Labour Council undertook to do it as part of the Government funding bid.  The document also states that originally this was planned for after Dec 2015 when the wheelie bins had been rolled out (which would have been rather odd timing I’d have thought) but now it could be sooner.

The Labour Council is also suggesting getting rid of the one remaining free bulky collection left for residents. The blanket “300 houses at a time” bulky waste collections have already been scrapped by Labour. (Bad move – this was a good service and very popular with residents). They also cut back the “ring and book” type of bulky collection to one per year. Now it seems this service is to be axed too by Labour.

Left with no alternative, responsible people will take their bulky waste to the HRCs (tips) instead. But some won’t, and fly tipping is bound to increase – with all the associated mess, misery for residents who have to look at it, and costs to the Council to take it away. It may not in the end be any cheaper (if the Council picks up the fly tipping) but provides a worse service for residents who pay their Council Tax and have a right to expect something in return. That’s Labour logic for you.

Of course the continual Labour moan is that they have to do it because of Government cuts. And why is the Government having to make cuts? To clear up the mess left by the last Labour Government.



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