November Council Meeting

There was an interesting debate about Labour’s garden waste charge (£35 if you want a green wheelie bin) at yesterday’s Council meeting. The meeting was live streamed and can be viewed    The debate about the green wheelie bins is down as starting 16.07 (although it actually started later than that in reality) so if you just want to watch that debate, scroll down to that time and press at the right hand side of the time.

It was stated in that debate that the roads are so much cleaner now in Harborne and Brandwood now those wards have wheelie bins. So I thought I would post these pictures to show that this is not necessarily true.

These pictures were taken in a part of Harborne which I have not photographed before for this website. It is very close to Edgbaston ward. I have had complaints about the mess in these roads – not just from local residents but from someone who lives in Northfield too. People notice the mess as they drive around.

I emphasise that these pictures were taken today, Wednesday.  Bin day in this area is not until Friday. Not only are there black bags put out beside the bins, but everything is kept on the pavement too.




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