Garden Waste Charge Campaign

It sounds like some Labour Councillors are getting rattled over the Northfield Conservative PPC’s campaign against the garden waste charge (£35 per annum for a green wheelie bin or you get no more garden waste collected ever from next spring).

One Longbridge Labour Councillor tweeted at the weekend “Let me educate you. Green waste collection isn’t statutory. Thanks to your Govt cuts, we can only deliver stat services.”

He sounds very sure. But is he right? Is Birmingham Council only delivering statutory services now? I believe the Council is continuing to deliver some things which are NOT statutory. Take for example the concierge  service. In the document for the concierge consultation (which starts today), the Council has actually stated that the concierge service is not statutory, but they intend to keep funding it anyway (with some changes it appears, but that’s a different story).

Let’s be clear – I’m glad the concierge service will continue to be funded, but the wording in that document makes it clear that there is still money to fund some things which are NOT statutory. Which means that the Labour Council could have continued to fund a free garden waste collection service – but they chose not to.



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