Wheeleys Rd Junction

On October 9th 2013, I put a post on this blog about how the petition which the Conservative Councillors had collected, regarding the Wheeleys Rd/St James Rd junction,  had been handed in at the October Council meeting.

We collected signatures for the petition following a fatal accident which had taken place at the junction. I had in the past had complaints about foliage obscuring one of the signs as you approach that junction, and on two separate occasions I had got the Engineer to take action to get it cut back (which duly happened). But in fact when the fatal accident occurred, neither party was approaching the junction from that direction anyway. It also happened in the middle of the day, so street lighting levels were not an issue either.

The Council is bringing in 20 mph limits across the city, but this is being introduced in phases. It was my understanding that Wheeleys Rd was not in the Labour Council’s planned first wave, so our petition asked that it could be. We are still awaiting an answer to our petition from the Council.

Meanwhile, two constituents have contacted me this week to tell me they have just received a letter from the Labour MP asking them to a fill in a questionnaire about the junction. She’s rather late since our petition (done as a result of door to door visits, speaking to people in person) was handed in to the Council three months ago, but worse than that, her initial letter named completely the wrong junction and she then had to send a new letter to everyone correcting her mistake and asking them to discard the first letter and survey she sent.  All of which, to my mind, looks rather inefficient.

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