Kingstanding And Edgbaston

After all our campaigning in Kingstanding, the Edgbaston team were back in Edgbaston today, delivering our latest In Touch.

We are all so delighted that we now have a new Councillor on the Tory benches.

It was a great result for us – the first time the Conservatives in Birmingham have won a by-election seat from Labour since 1997 (that was Harborne), the first time we have won a by-election seat from Labour while we were in Government since the 1960s, and the first time we have won Kingstanding since 1968.

It’s interesting to see (and we were all discussing this, this morning) how those two people on Twitter who were the most boastful before Polling Day – tweeting about how everyone in Kingstanding was supporting Labour, and about how many hundreds of troops they had on the ground, now appear to have air-brushed the campaign and their losing candidate from history, as if it never happened. Not only have they not tweeted the result, they haven’t even tweeted commiserations to their own candidate. It makes them look not only mean, but completely ridiculous!

Well done to Labour Councillor Anita Ward however, who did comment kindly about her own candidate, AND had the grace to congratulate the Tory winner, Gary Sambrook, too.





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