Where Are The Green Wheelie Bins?

Putting out green garden waste in bags for free collection has been stopped by Labour in Birmingham. And anyone who does it, will have the Council’s “wheelie bin police” after them. (That is not a joke, it’s true.)

Now residents in Birmingham have to pay £35 for a green wheelie which entitles the householder to fortnightly collections through the growing season. The first collections in the Edgbaston and Harborne area are next week.

This week I was contacted by an Edgbaston resident who forked out £70 for two wheelie bins in December – and hasn’t received them yet. With the first collection next week, she was understandably worried as she wants to start filling them.

I assumed she had been missed/forgotten (even though the Council had taken the money) and made enquiries on her behalf. It transpired that this week the Council are “mopping up” (their words not mine) the remaining December orders.

So my constituent should get her wheelie bins this week (two months after she ordered and paid for them) and I’m pleased for her. But it set me wondering…..if some December orders are only going out this week, when will the people who paid for their wheelie bins in January, get them? When will the people who paid for their wheelie bins in February, get them? And if people who ordered and paid for their wheelie bins several weeks (or indeed months) in advance still haven’t had them delivered by the time their first collection is made, will they get a partial refund?

I am putting in a written question on these matters and will let you know the answers. But frankly, I think it’s a pretty shoddy service from the Labour Council not to process an order for a wheelie bin for two whole months.


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