Monthly Archives: March 2014

Oasis Academy Woodview Opening Ceremony

This morning Cllr James Hutchings and I went to Oasis Academy Woodview for the ceremony to officially open the school’s new building. This building is an addition to the old school building, and reincorporates the hall which was used as … Continue reading

Launch Of The Birmingham Bears At Edgbaston

This evening Cllr Fergus Robinson and I attended the launch of the Birmingham Bears Twenty/Twenty (T20) team at the Warwickshire County Ground in Edgbaston. This year the competition (renamed the Nat West T20 Blast) will take place mainly on Friday … Continue reading

Green Bag Saga Goes On

The Labour Council’s decision to charge £35 for to collect green garden waste, and £25 to collect bulky items (when previously these services were free in Birmingham) is having all sorts of knock on effects. First of all, lets knock … Continue reading

New Leaflet

Team Edgbaston were out delivering our new leaflet today. Thanks to Matt Bennett (the photographer) for the picture!

Harborne Academy

This afternoon Cllr James Hutchings and I visited  Harborne Academy (which, despite its name is in Edgbaston Ward) and were given a tour round the new building which looks quite impressive.  

Campaigning In The Sunshine

Busy morning out canvassing in Edgbaston  in the sunshine with Cllrs Fergus Robinson & James Hutchings, Matt Bennett & helpers. Warm weather, warm reception!

“Take It To The Household Recycling Centre….” But Be Prepared to Queue

It’s a frequent answer from the Labour Council that if you have a problem with rubbish, “You can take it to the Household Recycling Centre.” Don’t want to pay for a green wheelie bin? Take your garden waste to the … Continue reading

Edgbaston Ward Meeting

There was a packed agenda at the Edgbaston Ward meeting held at St Mary & St Ambrose Church Hall this evening. The District budget, the Edgbaston Planning Framework (centred around the Greenfield Crescent area of the Ward), and Birmingham’s Mobility … Continue reading

Council Budget

Tuesday was the budget debate at Birmingham City Council. We all agree that Birmingham would like more money from the Government. Politicians from all parties have been down together to London to meet with the Government and argue that point … Continue reading

Missing Green Wheelie Bins

Today was the first paid for garden waste collection where I live in Harborne. Lucky me – I’ve actually got the green wheelie bin I paid for last November. Others are not so fortunate. Yesterday’s Council questions revealed that 320 … Continue reading