Missing Green Wheelie Bins

Today was the first paid for garden waste collection where I live in Harborne. Lucky me – I’ve actually got the green wheelie bin I paid for last November. Others are not so fortunate.

Yesterday’s Council questions revealed that 320 households across the city who purchased their wheelie bin between Oct 2013 and the end of January 2014 had still not received it by Feb 24th when the service started. Hopeless Labour Council.

The Council have said these people (who have now missed a collection they have paid for) will be given an extra one at the end of the growing season. I can see that causing even more confusion in the autumn as some customers(not being aware of the reasoning behind it) find their collections have ceased while they see their neighbours are getting an extra one.

Meanwhile, anyone who purchases a green wheelie bin now (and many people are as the service starts and they realise they can’t put out the old garden sacks any more) will apparently receive it within four weeks of the purchase date. And they won’t be offered any extra collections for the ones they miss between the date or ordering and receiving their bins.

Meanwhile there are still hundreds of people who don’t realise that they can’t put out loose branches or the old green sacks any more (or perhaps some of them do realise but they don’t care and have put them out anyway) because there are piles of them appearing all over the place. They won’t get taken away.

Of course if the Conservative budget had been agreed by Labour yesterday, the Council would now not be charging to take away green garden waste and would be refunding the fees to those people who had already paid.

But Labour didn’t agree it. So we’re stuck with their Labour budget which is charging people for this service AND increasing the Council Tax when they could have accepted a grant from the Government to freeze it. The only way to change things is to vote against them in May. More about this week’s budget meeting in my next post.




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