Scrap The Garden Tax!

In the last couple of days (as every week) I have had a number of complaints about the green wheelie bin charges.

As I’ve said before, it’s an ill thought policy because once you charge people, the Council can’t take away the dumped bags – because people who have paid would rightly be furious that their neighbour gets theirs taken away for free.

So you are left with mountains of green bags around the city. Labour’s solution is to employ a “waste minimisation team” to sticker the dumped bags, knock doors and try and persuade people to take them in.

The problem comes when people don’t comply. Or when the bags have been fly tipped outside other people’s houses, so the culprits aren’t the people who are spoken to.

The Conservative’s solution would solve the problem. We are pledging that if elected in May we will scrap the garden tax, refund the people who have already paid, and remove the mountains of dumped bags from our streets. And yes, we can fund it. There are lots of places where money could be saved – such as the Policy Department, which is costing over £3 million and coming up with ideas such as a congestion charge and/or a working place parking levy for Birmingham. Ideas which we can do without!

So vote Conservative on May 22nd and axe the garden tax!

garden bags

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