Monthly Archives: May 2014

Great Night At Birmingham Council House

It was a great night at Birmingham Council House last night as the Conservatives held on to all the seats we were defending (including several – such as Harborne, Bournville, Northfield & ¬†Vesey) which we lost last time they were … Continue reading

Labour’s Infamous Pre-Election Clean Up

On Sunday evening, as the Shadow Cabinet Member for a Green, Safe & Smart City, I sent a number of questions relating to last weekend’s green clean up to both the Chief Executive and the Chief Legal Officer of Birmingham … Continue reading

Vote Conservative Today!

The Polling stations have opened. Vote Conservative today! Vote to re-elect: Cllr Fergus Robinson in Edgbaston and Cllr Bruce Lines in Bartley Green. And to elect Hon Ald John Alden in Harborne and Ian Colpman in Quinton. For a cleaner, … Continue reading

More Green Bags – Labour Fail

More green bags photographed in Edgbaston this afternoon – just one of four piles we saw close together. The Labour flip-flop policy on green waste is a complete shambles. Meanwhile, while the waste of some of those who didn’t pay … Continue reading

Green Waste In Harborne

This picture was taken near Harborne High Street at lunch time. It wasn’t the only pile of garden waste I saw in that area either. Were these bags left from the weekend clean up, or are people starting new piles … Continue reading

More Dumped Garden Waste

And here’s another pile of garden waste which was left in Edgbaston and was not removed while other wards were being cleared.    

Green Waste Left In Edgbaston

In a real slap in the face for those Birmingham residents who forked out ¬£35 for a green wheelie bin, the Labour Council decided this weekend (the weekend immediately before the Local Elections) to remove all the dumped green waste … Continue reading