Advertising An Unpopular Policy!

The Council is currently re-running the “you can have a green wheelie bin for £35” adverts on Free Radio.

“No more messy clippings” the ad begins – as you drive past the mountains of bags of messy clippings, tree prunings and cut grass which are littering our verges and pavements. No more messy clippings? Who are the Council trying to kid! Birmingham is awash with them! And the advert just draws attention to the fact.

Meanwhile I’m still getting complaints about the queues at Lifford Lane. I see a Labour Councillor is suggesting that we should try and negotiate an agreement with nearby Councils so our residents can use their tips.

A good idea – but not a new one. We tried it several years ago. Cllr Bruce Lines and I raised it at the Edgbaston District Committee on several occasions, a previous Conservative Cabinet Member, (I believe it was Cllr Gregory), looked into it and answers were brought back to our committee.

Unfortunately, even though at that time Birmingham Council WAS allowing people from neighbouring authorities to use OUR tips, those neighouring authorities would still not allow Birmingham residents to use theirs. Now that both Birmingham and some neighbouring authorities are CHARGING for green waste collection, I would have thought there’d be even less chance they’d allow people who aren’t their own rate payers to dispose of their stuff at their sites for free. And if Birmingham had to PAY its neighbours to allow our residents to go to their tips, wouldn’t it just be simpler and more sensible for  the city to drop it’s garden tax charge?  As Conservatives have been saying! Vote Conservative on May 22nd to axe the tax!

Green bags in Harbrone...

Green bags in Harborne… Edgbaston...

…in Edgbaston…

...and in Bartley Green.

…and in Bartley Green.





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